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Laurence Gartside

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Experienced across industries from FMCG to automotive, high-value-manufacturing, capital intensive and small business.
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Customers Reviews

Don’t just take it from me – hear from a my clients!

Sophia Hapa

I have learned a lot here and I am thankful that I was able to keep up with the topics! I’m hoping I can apply this new knowledge to my new courses in this school year. Thank you so much!

Sophia Hapa

Michelle Caranguian

I enjoyed the course a lot! It is very informative, very detailed and very clear explanations on each topic. I learned a lot as it is a well structured and well organized lesson. Thumbs Up!!!

Michelle Caranguian

Ankur Joshi

Excellent course! Having 5+ years of operations management experience myself in the service industry, I learnt many new things. Laurence is an excellent instructor, Pace of the course is great (no fluff and right up-to the point) 

Ankur Joshi

Matteo Isoardi

Amazing course! you can find everything from basic to intermedium about this topic! really like it!

Matteo Isoardi

Tyrell Hill

Thank you for the course! I work in manufacturing and i am seeking a higher position and i was happy to find that many thing in your course was dead on with what happens in my everyday work life. I am already recommending your courses to many of my associates. But i happy i decided to take the time and actually look up manufacturing operations and logistics now i can change my life quicker by trying to advance through the company since apprenticeship is very minimal.

Tyrell Hill

Chris Watterson

Really well structured course and a huge amount of good content. I like the balance between theory and examples, I will definitely be about to apply this as well as understanding the concepts much better. The examples used keep things interesting – the trainer didn’t take him too seriously unlike some of the courses on here. Would definitely recommend

Chris Watterson

Michelle Caranguian

The course is what i need in understanding the ins and outs of my start up business. It helps me a lot to grasp everything because the instructor’s explanation is very clear and really helps me apply the knowledge to my business. The modules are really good and easy to follow, overall a great course! Thumbs Up!

Michelle Caranguian


It was a very fun session. Very well understood the concepts and examples helped with in-depth understanding. Looking forward to the remaining of the lecture series.


Uche Ogbuehi

I really like the method of teaching, it give a clear view of supply chain activities

Uche Ogbuehi

Matthew Szabo

This course gives a great top-to-bottom overview of supply chain management. Exactly what I was looking for. Great course!

Matthew Szabo

Linkedin Recommendations

Laurence’s style is incredibly didactic and brings together pertinent content in a simple and valuable way. I certainly recommend his courses for those looking for advanced training within the industrial or service sectors.

Igor Brandão Dias Consultant at EY

I was pleased to attend several of Laurence's courses on Udemy recently. The context of the lectures and Laurence's engagement were phenomenal. I highly recommend checking them out.

Elias Michel Majdalani Freelance Strategic Sales and Management Consultant

I would highly recommend Laurence’s courses for anyone who wants to delve into operations and process management.

Sagnik Jana MBA Candidate at BITSoM

Laurence has an amazing way in presenting and delivering information – a real professional. Never boring and the content presented by him is deep and intense.

Ahmed Said Commercial Container Terminal at DP World

In his courses, Laurence shares precious and valuable knowledge that can be immediately applied in the real world. We are building a SaaS solution for manufacturing companies and are applying the performance management knowledge and process improvement we’ve gained from Laurence. I highly recommend them to specialists and experts in the supply chain business at all levels.

Mykyta (Nikita) Ivanenko С.S.S.C Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Laurence is an amazing coach with a vast knowledge of Operations Management. I also took up his course on Lean Manufacturing. His way of teaching was a great pleasure as he brings clarity to of each of the topics. Thanks a lot Laurence for teaching in this way. I would happily suggest to anyone who wants to learn Lean Manufacturing; then go to Laurence to clear all your doubts!

Indraneel Chakraborty Mechanical Engineer

Laurence is a phenomenal instructor committed to educating students of all ages. His courses speak volumes to his attention to detail and dedication to making the content easy to follow.

Hoda Alhassan Technology Management Graduate

Laurence Gartside has got some serious talent. His style of delivering content to the learners was phenomenal and crisp. I strongly recommend him to people who are interested in Operations Management.

Harish L Senior Team member at TVS Eurogrip

I completed Laurence's "Lean Manufacturing A-Z" course. It’s very well prepared, clear & comprehensive. The presentation is transparent, engaging, full of exercises and examples. I strongly recommend Laurence's courses especially for people just starting their adventure with quality engineering or who just want to systematize knowledge.

Weronika Nejno Quality Engineer at ZF Automotive Systems

I took the course on Supply Chain: Operations and Logistics Basics offered by Laurence on Udemy. His way of teaching was fun and easy to understand. Supply Chain is an important concept required to handle industrial trends and challenges. Laurence has abundance knowledge in this field and I look forward to learning more from him.

SOURYANI MOHILE Operation Support Engineer

Laurence is a fantastic teacher with a lot of knowledge of logistics and also has practical knowledge of supply chains. He knows how to teach in an inspiring way.

Martijn Medenblik Pricing manager EU+CIS non captive

I took the ‘Logistics Management: International Transport and Shipping’ course taught by Laurence Gartside at Udemy and was impressed with his teaching techniques and styles. He combines his good sense of humor when ever he gets a chance but is very focused on all the details of his topics on hand. I wish him all the success in his career and endeavors. Great going Laurence!

Emdadul K. Operations Logistics, West Coast Manager

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